The number of Americans with Type 2 Diabetes, (the 7th cause of death in the US), continues to increase. While the Center for Disease Control’s 2015 report counted over 30 million Americans with the disease, an overwhelming 84.1 million have pre-diabetes. Without lifestyle interventions, pre-diabetes can progress to overt Type 2 Diabetes within 5 years.

Type 2 Diabetes is what I like to call “the modern era’s leprosy”, because it can cause tissue damage anywhere on the body leading to vision, hearing and sensation loss, stroke and heart attack.  It can lower one’s immune system and delay healing increasing one’s risk for infection.  Type 2 Diabetes is the number 1 cause for renal failures and limb amputation in the United States.

The crazy thing is…Type 2 diabetes is not only a PREVENTABLE disease but one that can be REVERSED if addressed early.

Now that I have your attention, don’t you want to know if you are the one of the 84.1  million American with pre-diabetes?

To find out if you have prediabetes, please watch the short video below or click this link:  which has more information about the condition.  I have also added some links below to reputable websites with guidance on how to prevent and reverse Type 2 diabetes.

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