In order to best serve you in a way that reduces all of our risk of contracting the Coronavirus, BloomMed has made several adjustments to how it will deliver medical care in the coming weeks.

We are going full-on virtual! Lynette and I will still be available to patients during regular business hours, just online!

So, effective immediately:

  • Please send all refill requests through Spruce or Passport. Urgent requests are best managed through the Spruce App.
  • All patients with appointments through March 31, 2020 will be changed to telemedicine visits or rescheduled.
  • Only telemedicine appointments will be available to schedule online on our website.
    • Telemedicine appointments will be available to all BloomMed patients, regardless of plan type.
    • A la Carte patients will be charged for their telemedicine visit at the end of the video call. The cost of the telemedicine visit will vary based on complexity similar to office visits, ranging from $25-$75/session.
    • Patients are welcome to sign up online for our telemedicine + a la carte Membership plan which covers unlimited telemedicine visits for $50/month AND allows a la carte in-office appointments similar to the current a la carte program on a fee- for-service basis (once office appointments resume).
    • Flagship (traditional) members- telemedicine appointments are already included in your membership package!

How do telemedicine appointments work?

  • Telemedicine appointments will only be performed through the Spruce App. If you have not already downloaded the app and registered, please let us know so we can send you an invite!
  • Telemedicine visits involve just a few simple steps:
    1. We will contact you when an appointment is scheduled to clarify the concerns to be addressed.
    2. Please complete the COVID-19 Spruce Visit and Visit-Specific Spruce Visit Questionnaires that were sent you through the Spruce App at least 2 hours prior to your video call.
    3. I will review your questionnaires to prepare for the visit.
    4. Log in to your Spruce App 2-3 minutes before your appointment.
    5. I will initial the Video Call to begin your telemedicine visit!

I have received a couple of requests to make a video discussing COVID-19, so BloomMed will host a Facebook Live event (likely Saturday at noon) to do so! Feel free to send me any questions you would like me to address this week and during the event and I will do my very best to provide updated, honest, and data-supported responses!

In the meantime, to keep track of new COVID-19 updates, please visit:

To schedule an appointment online, visit:

To register for a membership plan, visit:

If you would like to change or update your membership plan, please call the office so Lynette can make that change for you!

I know this is a lot of information, but I hope you are finding these updates helpful. We will continue to keep you updated and do our best to meet your healthcare needs during these rapidly changing times.


Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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