Here at BloomMed, LLC we are proud to offer family medicine and are devoted to providing excellent comprehensive care to patients of all ages. We know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to run back and forth between different offices for your medical needs, so we are happy to be your one-stop-shop for the whole family.

Whether you are dealing with an illness, need vaccinations, or are due for a wellness examination, we are here to help you experience quality healthcare every time you visit us. Our highly trained physicians will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with each step of your examination and treatment, and are more than happy to answer your questions.

telehealth services McKinney, TX


With the help of telemedicine we are able to bring our services to you, overcoming the barriers of time, distance, and even illness so that you have access to your provider when you need it most.

Telemedicine allows us to deliver a unique consultation experience to you remotely using HIPAA compliant video conferencing tools. This service allows you to connect to your provider with ease in a timely manner, and is designed with the patient in mind to be very user-friendly. Virtual consultations can be done using devices that most patients have easy access to such as a smartphone or a computer with a built-in video camera, so you won’t need to worry about having any specialized equipment.

Using our telemedicine service is simple, and our friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have about utilizing this service prior to your appointment.

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Physical Exams McKinney, TX

Physical Exams

At BloomMed, LLC, if you need a physical for any reason, we are here for you with our comprehensive exams for women, men, and children.

What are physicals?
Physicals are medical health assessments that you may need for a variety of reasons such as travel, work, school, or sports. They are important as they allow us to monitor your condition and wellbeing, but also identify any potential issues that may affect your health. Early detection allows us to begin treatment before the condition becomes more severe, giving a higher success rate of treatment.

You may need a physical before you go abroad or for work. Your child may need a physical for school, camp, or to participate in sports.

For the most part, everyone undergoes the same physical exam. However, there are differences when it comes to reproductive health. During your physical, we may conduct additional tests or exams particular to your reproductive organs such as a pelvic or prostate exam.

What happens during a physical?
The exact procedure will depend on what type of physical you are having. During the exam, we will review your medical and family history for any potential risk of health complications. If there are any concerns, additional health screenings may be required.

This is a great time to let us know of any concerns or questions you may have regarding your health.

A physical examination typically begins with the measurement of vital signs and responses before undergoing a more comprehensive examination of your condition and health.

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Health Screening

Early diagnosis is an integral part of comprehensive cancer treatment. At BloomMed, LLC in McKinney, Texas, Dr. Stephanie Cudjoe offers various cancer screenings to protect your health. Regular screenings give you the advantage of catching cancer in its early stages, so Dr. Cudjoe can refer you for treatment as soon as possible. To learn more about the benefits of cancer screenings, schedule a consultation online or by calling the office directly.

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High Blood Pressure services McKinney, TX

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be a dangerous condition as those who have it typically do not display symptoms. While those with high blood pressure may not experience any pain or discomfort, their condition could still be life-threatening.

Here at BloomMed, LLC, we are proud to provide services to best identify and address this issue in our patients. We can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes and prescribe medication to aid in the management of your condition and prevent stroke, heart attack, or other health complications.

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Type II Diabetess

Over 29 million people in the United States have Type 2 diabetes, with millions more remaining undiagnosed. Dr. Stephanie Cudjoe can diagnose Type 2 diabetes and provide treatment plans to prevent additional medical complications at BloomMed LLC. She prefers to educate her patients about the disease to ensure they make good lifestyle choices moving forward. Schedule a consultation online or over the phone to learn more about how best to manage your condition and enjoy a long and healthy life.

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Asthma affects nearly 25 million Americans, causing breathing difficulties and even life-threatening attacks. At BloomMed, LLC in McKinney, Texas, Dr. Stephanie Cudjoe offers comprehensive asthma evaluations to determine the severity of your asthma. She also designs custom treatment plans to help you manage your asthma symptoms and prevent future asthma attacks. Learn more about treating and preventing asthma by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Cudjoe online or by phone.

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Nearly 20 million Americans have some type of thyroid disease that, if left untreated, can lead to serious medical complications. At BloomMed LLC in McKinney, Texas, Dr. Stephanie Cudjoe can diagnose hypothyroidism and can help you manage your symptoms. Dr. Cudjoe provides effective treatment options and knowledge about your condition to help keep your thyroid healthy and functioning optimally. Book an appointment online or call BloomMed LLC for more information.

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Depression services McKinney, TX


A clinical diagnosis of depression covers a rather wide range of mood disorders that can vary in how they manifest and affect the patient. If you have been diagnosed with depression, or if you are struggling with symptoms of depression, BloomMed, LLC is here to help. Our compassionate staff understands that living with depression can be exhausting, and we want to not only treat the symptoms but help you, as a person, feel your best.

Depending on the type of depression and the cause, there are numerous treatment options we can explore to determine the one that will work best for you. Every person is unique and what works for one patient may not work for another, so we always consider the whole person before deciding how best to help you.

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