Test details:

-Utilizes the well-known Abbott IDNow Platform -Molecular PCR (genetic) test (the current gold standard)

-Receive results in 15 minutes!

-Test is performed in the office or in your vehicle!

-Test is performed by a nasal swab (tolerated better than the traditional nasopharyngeal swab)


Cost of the Test:

-For BloomMed Members: The test costs $75 (compared to $100-150 at your local urgent care!). There is no additional charge for your evaluation since your visit is included in your membership!

– For A la Carte Patients: the total charge (visit + test) will range from $175 to $225 depending on the complexity of the visit.

-The cost of the test and evaluation for COVID MAY be reimbursed by insurance, however we recommend calling your insurance provider FIRST for confirmation to avoid any surprises!

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